Teriyaki Croc Jerky Salty and Sweet
Teriyaki Croc Jerky Salty and Sweet Ripsaw Teriyaki Crocodile Jerky
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Get back to your Neanderthal roots and savour the flesh of the dinosaur with Aussie saltwater crocodile jerky, marinated in delicious teriyaki for a modern twist on a Jurassic classic. A sweet and salty combination that will leave your mouth watering for more.

What does Croc Jerky taste like.

Crocodile meat has a texture that is like a cross between fish and chicken. It is a white bland meat and will readily take on the flavours of the ingredients that it has been prepared in so it's important to be subtle in it's prep. Our Crocodile jerky has a consistency that is softer then Beef Jerky but is still quite chewy and the flavour lasts til the end. 

Our Croc Jerky

We only use 100% Australian Saltwater Crocodile sourced from local Crocodile Farms in Far North Queensland in our jerky. Additionally all of our marinade ingredients are 100% Australian and do not use any additives such as Nitrites, MSG, Phosphates or artificial flavours.

Ingredients. (Crocodile, Soy Sauce, Kecap manis soy, Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Sugar, No added Salt)

100% No Bull Guarantee - If don't agree that this IS one of the best Jerky's that you have ever tasted, we'll give you your money back.