Our Roo Jerky

All of our Roo is obviously 100% Australian and is sourced from our local butcher. Additionally all of our marinade ingredients are Australian Made and we only use natural ingredients in our Jerky and do not use any additives such as Nitrites, MSG, Phosphates or artificial flavours. 

What does Roo Jerky taste like.

Roo meat is a very lean dark red gamey meat. It is softer then beef and doesn't lend itself to strong marinades.

In other words when i used my beef marinades with the roo, it turned out bloody awful. This particular marinade took me 6 months to get it right and you know it's ok when the bloke's who showed me how to make jerky all of those years ago, tell me that they prefer this flavour over my other jerky...  

Our Flavours

Outback - Marinated & Smoked Kangaroo Jerky with a mellow Mild Original Flavour. In all a nicely rounded Roo Jerky that is quite flavoursome and compliments the gaminess of the Kangaroo.