Find Out how an ex-train driver and a couple of farmers created a mini jerky empire that ships jerky all over the world...

(Ray on a 2400 class Clyde at Harvey Creek South of Cairns)

Our Story

G’day, I’m Ray and I’d like to share with you how our delicious jerky had its beginning.

The story begins with lifelong friends; Ray, an ex-train driver, and father-and-son dairy farmers, Colin and Darrell.

Over 40 years ago Colin and Darrell began experimenting with jerky.  Colin has bravely admitted that the first batch they made was so bad that even the dog wouldn’t look at it. They thought it needed to smoke for hours so they heaped on the woodchip.  It came out like cement.

A cow and a half later, them good ol’ boys perfected a very tasty marinade that is, to this day, known only by a select few. 

On one of our many fishing trips on the reef (making a dent in the very tasty red emperor population), we had a conversation about my life after years in the railway.  Retirement was looming, and my better half was developing a twitch at the thought of keeping me occupied.  The boys suggested I take up jerky as a profession, and with their blessings, the idea of Ripsaw Jerky was conceived.

In 2013 the railway decided they had enough train drivers, and I decided to accepted their kind offer to part ways and I started my business.

Life is good.  Nowadays I get to make truly delicious, much-loved jerky.  Colin and Darrel get free jerky whenever they want it.  The absolute bonus for me is that I don’t have to drive trains anymore and I can go fishing whenever I want.