Crocodile Jerky Flavours, Teriyaki, Bush Plum and Lemon Pepper
Crocodile Jerky Flavours, Teriyaki, Bush Plum and Lemon Pepper Peper Croc Jerky Bush Plum Croc Jerky made from the Davidson Plum Teriyaki Crocodile Jerky Ripsaw's Sampler Pack Ripsaw's Sampler Pack Best Beef Jerky Spicy Jerky Australia Beef Jerky in a delicious Hot Chilli Beef Marinade Recipe
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Get Each Variety of Ripsaw's Jerky...

That's 8 X 40g Bags of Absolutely Delicious Jerky.

4 Flavours of Beef Jerky and 3 Flavours of Croc Jerky plus Our Roo Jerky.

Beef Jerky

Mild Beef Jerky -  Our signature flavour blend, made from our legendary secret recipe. Saltiness, sweetness and heat are perfectly balanced. The smoky hint rounds out this wonderful flavour to give you a truly delicious beef jerky.

Warm Beef Jerky - Our mouth-watering recipe with a stronger hit of chilli. Not only do you get the iconic Ripsaw Jerky flavour, our Warm jerky leaves a pleasant tingle in the mouth.

Hot Beef Jerky - Specially selected chilli varieties are added to our amazing marinade to give you that classic Ripsaw taste with a strong blast of heat. **Flavour isn’t compromised and it won’t melt your tongue.

Extreme Heat - An extremely Hot Fully Flavoured Jerky. The Extreme Heat Beef Jerky is made with the Carolina Reaper variety of chilli, the hottest chilli in the world... It has a strong blast of heat that keeps building as you chew.

Croc Jerky

Plum - A Marinated & Smoked Croc Jerky that has a fruity flavour with a slight tang. What really makes this Jerky sing is the smoking, it really enhances the taste. The main ingredient in this very tasty Jerky is the locally grown Rainforest Bush Plum (Davidson Plum) sourced from a farm just down the road. This awesome style of Jerky is totally unique to Ripsaw Jerky...

Lemon Pepper - Made with Lemon Thyme and Aussie Black Pepper sourced locally from a Pepper Farm located at Silkwood in Far North Queensland. This Pepper has a very sharp aromic flavour and combines brilliantly with the subtle lemony tang of the Thyme.

Teriyaki - Get back to your Neanderthal roots and savour the flesh of the dinosaur with Aussie saltwater croc jerky, marinated in delicious teriyaki for a modern twist on a Jurassic classic. A sweet and salty combination that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Roo Jerky

Outback Roo Jerky - A Marinated & Smoked Kangaroo Jerky with a mellow Mild Original Flavour. In all a nicely rounded Roo Jerky that is quite flavoursome and compliments the gaminess of the Kangaroo.