3 Bag Variety Pack
3 Bag Variety Pack 3 Bag Variety Pack
$19.00 AUD

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Any 3 Flavours of your choice.

Save By Purchasing Three Bag Bundles of Ripsaws Delicious Beef Jerky...

  • 3 x 40g Pack That's $6.33 per bag
  • 3 x 100g Pack That's $13.33 per bag
  • 3 x 250g Pack That's $30.00 per bag
  •  3 x 500g Pack That's $56.66 per Bag

Mix It Up! What Flavour Would You Like?

The flavour of your choice - If you would like say... 2 X Warm plus 1 X Extreme Heat... All you have to do is tell me what you'd like in the comments sections of the checkout page...

Mild Beef Jerky -  Our signature flavour blend, made from our legendary secret recipe. Saltiness, sweetness and heat are perfectly balanced. The smoky hint rounds out this wonderful flavour to give you a truly delicious beef jerky.

Warm Beef Jerky - Our mouth-watering recipe with a stronger hit of chilli. Not only do you get the iconic Ripsaw Jerky flavour, our Warm jerky leaves a pleasant tingle in the mouth.

How Hot is it? -  Slightly Spicey Beef Jerky With Pleasant Warm Tingle On Your Tastebuds Very little Heat, just leaves a little warmth on your tongue.

Hot Beef Jerky - Specially selected chilli varieties are added to our amazing marinade to give you that classic Ripsaw taste with a strong blast of heat. **Flavour isn’t compromised and it won’t melt your tongue.

How Hot is it? - Our Secret Blended Hot Chilli Jerky Recipe  Hot, but isn't over the top.

Extreme Heat - An extremely Hot Fully Flavoured Jerky. The Extreme Heat Beef Jerky is made with the Carolina Reaper variety of chilli, the hottest chilli in the world... It has a strong blast of heat that keeps building as you chew.

How Hot is it?   Made With Carolina Reaper Chilli Very Hot