Quiz: What Snacks Should You Serve At Your Christmas BBQ?

Christmas is upon us, jerky fans, and we all know that means summer barbecues and work functions from now 'til New Years. You've got the snags for the barbie, the esky is full, but what snacks should you serve your mingling guests? Take the quiz and find some inspiration!

Ripsaw Jerky is a delicious and delightfully unexpected party snack. Beef is the perfect smoky bbq staple, with heat from mild to extreme. Why not try some sweet and salty Soy Plum Croc for a festive twist? There's a flavour to suit everybody. For a limited time only this Christmas, we're offering a special discount  - 10% off storewide with code MERRY XMAS. But get in fast, this special offer ends mid-December to ensure Christmas delivery.




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