Beef Jerky for Beginners Part 2

In Part 2 of our Beef Jerky for Beginners series, learn more about the unique process that makes Ripsaw Jerky so deliciously addicting...

Marinating is an essential part of production, infusing the beef with intense flavour. The ingredients also help preserve the meat. Alternatively, meat can be coated in flavouring powders, but we feel this makes eating jerky a somewhat dusty experience.  

To make the most of our specially prepared marinade, we use an industrial vacuum tumbler. This opens the cells in the meat so all that savoury, spicy, juicy goodness permeates right throughout. You will never get a bland piece of Ripsaw jerky! To achieve the same level of flavour, you’d need to marinate for at least 12 hours.

What’s in our incredible marinade, you ask? It’s a secret known only to a select few. Ripsaw’s iconic flavour is a result of careful experimentation. It took many years to get it just right! We keep it simple, balanced and above all, delicious.

To be safe for consumption dehydrated beef must have a water activity of less than 0.85. This prohibits the growth of harmful microbes that would make you very sick.  There is some debate about the use of additives vs. traditional methods for achieving this. At Ripsaw we use natural drying processes, and briefly we’ll explain why.

Curing salts are a mix of salt, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, and pink dye.  This additive prevents dangerous bacteria growth and speeds up the drying time while preserving the colour of the meat.  Curing salts are used in everything from bacon to jerky, and it’s considered safe in small quantities. However, there is evidence that nitrates, particularly when combined with red meat, can be harmful.

Traditional air-drying is a gentle, safe process that does take time.  At Ripsaw we have strict safety measures in place in accordance with regulatory bodies, to carefully monitor the drying process.  We want to produce delicious, SAFE jerky. Our manufacturing facility is set up with excellent technology and custom equipment for this purpose. We choose not to use additives to speed up the drying process. We believe that not only does this produce a higher quality product, but that it’s much healthier too.  

All Ripsaw Beef Jerky is smoked during the drying process, for both flavour and preservation. It’s a small part of production but it has a huge impact on the aroma and taste of our jerky. We can’t tell you what wood we use because it’s a big fat proprietary secret, but we assure you that our fragrant wood is sourced from a specialty wholesaler in the meat industry – this is quality, food-grade material.

Time-saving liquid additives can produce a smoke-like flavour but nothing beats the real thing. The moment you open a bag of Ripsaw Jerky you can smell the difference. The extra time and care is part of our commitment to producing Australia’s BEST beef jerky.


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